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The conservation goals for the Galisteo Basin Preserve include the protection and restoration of the property's scenic, habitat, recreational, and environmental resources for the benefit of visitors and residents of nearby communities, as well as for the human and wildlife populations of the Preserve.

Much of the open space within the 13,522-acre Preserve is planned to be overlaid with conservation easements—ensuring that more than 92 percent of the Preserve's land resources will be permanently protected for future generations.

A critical planning objective of the Galisteo Basin Preserve is the development of a regional trail system—one that will include more than 50 miles of publicly accessible hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. Habitat restoration within the Preserve's primary watershed and grassland areas is another conservation priority.

Friends of the Preserve, members of the Preserve's community-stewardship progam, are critical to caring for open space and public trail resources, as well as assisting with land restoration work. Eventually, the management of the Galisteo Basin Preserve's open spaces and public resources will be overseen by a formal Community Stewardship Organization (CSO), of which the Friends of the Preserve will be part.

Financing for open space protection, trail development and maintenance, and land restoration work comes from a combination of public and private sources, including online donations. Visit our Contribute page if you would like to become a Friends of the Preserve member or support the general goals of the Galisteo Basin Preserve.

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