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Commonweal Conservancy submitted the Village at the Galisteo Basin Preserve Master Plan to Santa Fe County on January 6, 2006. It received unanimous approval from the Santa Fe County Development Review Committee (CDRC) on March 15, 2007, and was approved by the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners on June 12, 2007.

The master plan submission is available for download in PDF format:

  • Section 1: Table of Contents; Vision Statement and Approval Request [312k]
  • Section 2: Community Origins [1MB]
  • Section 3A: Predevelopment Site Conditions; Existing Conditions [260k]
  • Section 3B: Predevelopment Site Conditions; Slope Analysis; Viewshed Analysis; Skyline Analysis [880k]
  • Section 3C: Predevelopment Site Conditions; View Studies; Hydrology; Wildlife Resources; Cultural Resources; Development Suitability [976k]
  • Section 4A: Concept Plan and Framework Elements; Development Intensity and Land Use; Transportation and Mobility [864k]
  • Section 4B: Concept Plan and Framework Elements; Parks, Trails, and Open Space; Water Plan; Water Rights Strategy; Sanitary Sewer (Liquid Waste) System; Dry Utilities System [992k]
  • Section 4C: Concept Plan and Framework Elements; Terrain Management; Landscape Design and Concepts; Phasing Plan [560k]
  • Section 4D: Programs and Operating Strategies [920k]
  • Section 5: Development Standards and Design Guidelines [380k]
  • Section 6: Plan Implementation [80k]

Project Briefing Book (Master Plan Summary)

A summary of the master plan submission for the Village at the Galisteo Basin Preserve is available for download in PDF format:
Village Briefing Book [7.9MB]

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